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Welcome to Shoe Mates Footwear and Repair. We are more than a shoe store but we like that handle. We also repair footwear and leather goods and have a monster variety of socks, hundreds of colors and all are great quality and the sheep that made the merino wool also speak American. Located in McMinnville and serving Yamhill County on the corner of 3rd and NE Ford Street in Historic McMinnville, now the Pinot Noir capitol of the world, if you please!  

Each foot is unique and so is each footwear fitting.  We measure and fit your feet and we understand quite a bit about foot challenges and how to help you with our excellent products.

Upon opening in 2013 we became part of a legacy of footwear sales and repair on Third Street dating back to 1881.  Your grandparents' grandparents could have shopped here. Our products are solid value for your dollar and without you having to travel to larger markets or handle the challenges of online footwear purchases.  Some of our in-store products are no longer offered online except as imitations.  Shoe Mates offers as many wide sizes as we can access.  Research shows that approximately 97% of in-store footwear purchases fitted in-store are success stories!

We are continually expanding our inventory. Superfeet orthopedic insoles are the affordable industry standards and we support these products.  They carry a 60 day comfort guarantee. 

The workmanship of our shoe and boot repair shop reflects decades of experience to help your favorite worn-in but not worn-out pair last yet another generation.  Our customers value our friendly service and we have met travelers from every corner of the globe in Shoe Mates. Our products are from America and well made brands from Mexico, Canada, Germany, Portugal, Scandinavia, the far east, and elsewhere. When you come in please share with us where and your family call home, especially if it is Yamhill County


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Hours of Operation during "Oregon Distancing":

Monday - Friday: 2:00-5:00  Saturday: Noon-5:00  Sunday: Noon-5:00


To our loyal customers, thank you for your support during the virus.  We are receiving many new styles for Spring 2020.

Latest News

Please ask for styles that you would like us to carry.  Any online style is days away and we do the shipping and also have a good supply on hand.  Shoe Mates Footwear and Repair is going to be featuring "Footwear of the Month" soon.  These are our best value/dollar styles.  

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