About Shoe Mates And Shoe Repair in McMinnville

Welcome. We are more than a store that sells footwear because we also offer shoe repair, shoe supplies and a fantastic variety of socks. Yes, socks, and lots of them. Socks made of merino wool and bamboo, compression sox, hiking socks.  Located in McMinnville, we are serving the our mid-valley county and the coast.

Shoe Mates was built in 2013 and has added new lines of footwear every season and every year.  Our Shoe Mates store opened in Historic Downtown Third Street and offers many services that are hard to find elsewhere, anywhere, any more: the highest quality and best fitting shoes for very good prices as well as repairs. Many are American made but to be honest we carry the best products from America, Portugal, Spain, China, Germany, Australia, and Mexico, and Canada.

We measure and fit your feet just because everyone has a different fit.

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